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Summary Flexible web site content management system.
Category techcomm
License Common Public License
Owner(s) ncowham, sandys1


What is SyntaxCMS?

SyntaxCMS simplifies publishing varied content to a site, creating and managing arbitrary relationships among content items, automates and accelerates custom development, and encourages reuse of site components with other SyntaxCMS installations. It is built using PHP and MySQL as its foundation. It is licensed under the Common Public License .

For Content Managers and Creators

  • Create and edit site content online.
  • Approve content before publishing to web.
  • Set content items to publish/expire at a given time
  • Build complex site hierarchies using sections to organize content without creating HTML or template files.
  • Restrict access and actions to content types by groups of users.

For Developers

  • Define new content types on-the-fly. Syntax automatically provides forms for adding and editing content and base classes for working with content types in PHP code.
  • Use the Collections and Filters API to query the database for matching objects without having to write SQL.
  • Customize the look and layout of any part of the site using PHP


SyntaxCMS has been used by Forum One Communications as an in-house solution for delivering dynamic, easy-to-manage websites for over two years. Parts of the project have always been Open Source, previously hosted on sourceforge, but this is the first release of the entire CMS package. During this time, the SyntaxCMS platform has been tested, refined, and used in production environments for various clients.


The development team has an active blog at blog.syntaxcms.org and a project site at www.syntaxcms.org.